Android App of the Week: Elizabeth Smart Encourages You to be a Hero with this App

Hero is a new free app from Apptooth and endorsed by Elizabeth Smart. The app aims to help people protect themselves from threats late at night, or in otherwise dangerous situations.

The idea behind the app is basically strength in numbers, extended to a digitally connected community. Facebook friends and contacts can be listed as heroes within the app – when the Hero button in the app is pressed, the user’s smartphone will begin streaming video, audio, and GPS information to those designated contacts. That information is transmitted to a cloud server, meaning all that streaming video, audio, and GPS information will be accessible even if the user’s smartphone is destroyed. If the danger passes, users can press another button that lets your heroes know that you’re OK.

On top of that, users can alert their circle of designated contacts about potentially dangerous situations – for example, telling everyone you know to avoid an area where you’ve learned there is an armed robbery in progress.

Users also have the option to notify other Hero users in a five mile radius about an alert or a personal emergency. That’s where the safety in numbers idea comes into play, but it’s important to note that it’s just an option. There certainly could be situations where letting that many unknown people know about a personal emergency situation – with Hero, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Hero is available now on Google Play for free.

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