Incase Box Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

It’s hip to be square! The new Incase Box Case for iPhone 4/4S converts your iPhone into a simplistic 6-sided box with style, durability, comfort, and pizazz.

The Incase Box for iPhone 4/4S is a rubber case that’s ultra-soft to touch. It’s stretchy and flexible, so iPhone can pop in and out with little effort. There are button overlays for the lock and volume buttons. Although it’s discreet, these button overlays are actually custom shaped for each button. Volume up has a plus sign overlay, volume down has a minus, and there’s a power symbol over the lock button.

In-hand the Incase Box is very comfortable. Even though it’s “box-shaped” and has squared corners, the rubber is very soft. It’s also very grippy. All silicone rubber iPhone cases suffer from similar issues. The grippiness makes it a bit tricky to take out of a pocket. And the case’s flexibility allows it to sometimes pull off of iPhone’s corners.

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The Incase Box’s squared corners isn’t just a bold design statement, but the extra cushion provides iPhone supreme protection. The case covers iPhone’s face all around the perimeter, which provides some protection to the screen.

The Incase Box comes in a few different colors. We reviewed the translucent “frost” case, which is really neat! It’s just clear enough for all of iPhones features to shine through. It’s more prevalent on a black iPhone. We really like how the Apple logo displays through the case. The Incase Box case is also available in black, grey, and pink. It’s currently available from GoIncase.com for $29.95.

The Good: Neat design, very protective, good button overlays, easy to apply/remove.
The Bad: Trickier to remove from pocket, can pull off corners/sides in pocket, and a bit overpriced for what it is.

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