Company Charges Customers 6.8% Internet Explorer 7 Tax

Sometimes, people need a gentle nudge towards modernity. Unfortunately for those still using the ancient Internet Explorer 7 as their web browser, Australian consumer electronics manufacturer Kogan doesn’t believe in gentle nudges. They’re more of the swift kick to the backside type.

The company is now displaying the notice shown above to anyone who visits their site using the very outdated Internet Explorer 7. Those who make purchases on the site using IE7 will have to pay a 6.8 percent surcharge – 0.1 percent for every month Internet Explorer 7 has been out. In order to avoid the tax, Kogan offers a simple solution – get a better browser, or, failing that, at least get the current version of Internet Explorer.

The IE7 tax isn’t all cheek, though. Founder Ruslan Kogan sounds unhappy about the money his company needs to spend on making sure that their site still works with the antiquated web browser, saying

Internet Explorer 7 has long since passed its use-by date. It’s a constant source of frustration for our web guys and we’re sick of burning cash on a browser that hit the market nearly six years ago. It goes against everything Kogan stands for.

Kogan is hoping his company’s new tax will encourage people to get with the times by helping them towards better browsers, while making the Internet a little more efficient and friendly for the IT guys of the world.


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