iPad App of the Week: Name That Tune Expert SoundHound Gets an Update

If you’re an iPad owner, there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of SoundHound. As far as song recognition apps go, it’s hard to top SoundHound – it can name a tune in about four seconds or less. When it does name the tune, the app provides lyrics along with the song in real-time using LiveLyrics, album and artist art, videos, and links to Internet radio stations based on the song.

In the update that went live a couple days ago, SoundHound came out with improved song recognition technology, more hi-res album art and artist photos, and a new home screen. That home screen will feature top artists, as well as songs that you have used SoundHound to identify in the past. SoundHound also provides links to iTunes, should you want to purchase that elusive song you’ve finally pinned down.

SoundHound is available on the iTunes App Store for $6.99. Who knows, it could save you from a few sleepless nights.

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