Kensington SafeDome Secure Makes Sure Your iMac Never Gets Lifted

It’s an iMac. It looks pretty. That might even be one of the reasons you bought it, and it’s almost certainly one of the reasons why someone, somewhere wants to steal it. Kensington wants to help put the clamps down on your iMac, making sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The SafeDome Secure is a small dome that attaches to the back of your iMac. The SafeDome has been done up to match Apple’s aesthetic, which means that it’s white. An anchor plate attaches to the back of the iMac, which also includes a slot to thread any charging cables through, if you want to keep those secure, as well. Two anchor plates come with the SafeDome Secure – two different sizes for the two different sizes of iMacs. Once the plate is secure, the dome goes on top, and the ultra cable can be attached to the plate. The cable attaches to the ClickSafe lock securely with one click, and should hold fast against even the most furious attempts at theft (even if the demonstration in the video isn’t exactly what one would call convincing). The lock can be undone with a small key provided.

The Kensington SafeDome Secure is on sale now for about $80. If you’re worried about your iMac getting lifted, or if you run a library or other public space with a bunch of iMacs, give it a look. Seems like a secure enough investment. You can pre-order it now from Kensington or Amazon, and it is scheduled to ship on June 30th.

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