Chic La Boite Concept LD 120 is Half Laptop Desk, Half Loudspeaker

The La Boite Concept LD 120 is being branded as a laptop dock that will bring out the best in the audio coming from your laptop. It’s one part table, one part surround sound speaker system in an elegant, minimalist form.

The laptop sits on the desktop, which is made from foam and natural leather to cut down on vibrations. The laptop connects to the speaker system via a USB-powered digital-to-analog converter, which features a hi-fi sound card. That part also means that the speaker system will be compatible with any laptop you want to use with it.  As for the speakers, which are situated all around the desktop, the LD 120 features an active 2.1 sound system with two 25 watt amplifiers and one 70 watt amplifier, supported by seven drivers designed specifically for La Boite Concept. A headphone jack makes the LD 120 compatible with mobile devices, as well.

The La Boite Concept LD 120 is available from worldwide retailer singulier.com (the website is in French) for about $1242. The only physical United States distributor listed is VasV Los Angeles.

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