Japanese Style LED Dog Tag is Only a Bit Tacky

It would take a bold one indeed to try to pull these off in public, let alone succeed in doing so. But, before we get to the style part, let’s get to what’s really interesting about this dog tag-style timepiece.

It’s being marketed as the “Zerg Overlord” Japanese Style LED Watch. Now, that’s fascinating, because it might be the biggest load of nonsense I’ve ever seen from a product being sold on the Internet, and that’s saying an awful lot. Here’s a picture of a Zerg Overlord, from the immensely popular StarCraft series. See the resemblance? Neither do I. “Japanese style” is so broad it borders on the meaningless. It can hardly be said that these dog tags are in some definite way “Japanese style.”

If ever there was an example of insulting marketing, this is it. So, let’s call this what it is – a couple of pieces of plastic shaped like dog tags, one of which displays the time in blue LED light. Sound like something that’s going to sell like hotcakes? I guess that’s why they felt the need to throw in all the embellishment.

Not that this is the first example of something like this on the Internet. This kind of stuff happens all the time. The difference is that this example is so brazen, it encourages us all to think twice about the statements made in the sales descriptions of products we are interested in. It’s a lesson that always deserves a reminder – be sold on the product, not the description. So, if you want to rock the time in blue LED lights around your neck, have at it.

But good lord, does it look tacky.

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