Lego Haunted House Will Have You Screaming with Delight

Leave it to LEGO to show everyone up in the horror department, too. The LEGO Haunted House will be part of the new Monster Fighters line, and will be out this fall, just in time to serve up some scares for Halloween.

The completed product has a hinge in the middle, so you can open it up to check out the inside, full of haunted house staples like cobwebs and possessed gramophones. Of course, the best part are the LEGO figurines – a vampire couple, two glow-in-the-dark ghosts, Frankenstein’s monster (who looks like he’s gotten a job as a butler), and the zombie chef, who no doubt serves up delicious gourmet meals all the time.

The original plans look good, but all I can think of is the kind of diabolical traps and custom creepiness I could add on top. After all, the sky’s the limit with LEGO, even when it comes to all things horror. If you need proof, just check out this recreation of Dante’s Inferno, LEGO style.

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  1. lol  I’m wondering how many bricks they need to build a REAL house? I measure my 1,500sqft, 2-story house costs 8 million bricks according to Movoto’s LEGO calculator. SWEET! I wanna build up a wonderland!

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