Lenco Releases Brushed Aluminum iPD-9000 iPod Speaker Dock

Lenco, known for their line of luxury electronics, has released the iPD-9000, a silver and blue iPod/iPhone speaker dock. The outer shell is made from brushed aluminum, so you know the outside is going to command a high price. Are the insides worthy of the shell?

The iPD-9000 uses a Sonic Emotion 3D chipset and Absolute 3D Sound Technology to create a surround sound effect. This also guarantees the removal of “audio blind spots,” which still sounds more like a solution to a non-existent problem than anything else. It is nice to know that the level of sound quality will be uniform, or close to it, anywhere in the room, though.

The iPD-9000 supplies 65 watts of output from two 10 watt side-firing drivers and one 45 watt rear-firing subwoofer. You could probably find more powerful speaker docks of a similar size elsewhere, but the main draw of the iPD-9000 is supposed to be the luxury aspect, for whatever that’s worth to you. That, and the chipsets used in the iPD-9000 are fairly impressive in their own right.

The dock is only for iPods and iPhones, but there is a 3.5mm auxiliary jack so that the speaker can be used with other devices. The iPD-9000 can also play CDs, and features an FM radio, which is able to store 20 presets (seems like way more than you would ever need on an FM tuner). There’s also composite video output, if you want to connect the speaker dock to your television or monitor.

The Lenco iPD-9000 costs £229.99, or about $358.