Arsonists Rejoice! The MatchBook Pro iPhone 4S Case Has Arrived

Finally, an iPhone case that really does look like it could set the world on fire. The MatchBook Pro is part of the new Musubo line of iPhone 4/4S cases selling on Mybullfrog, and it looks like it could be a hot item.The back of the MatchBook Pro case features a faux line of matches, like you would find in a matchbook, set in a jet black frame. The matches aren’t just for show, though – they kick out to give you a nice landscape stand for your iPhone.

There’s also a pink and white version you can score for free. Mybullfrog is kicking off the Musubo launch with a giveaway contest. To enter the contest, Mybullfrog wants you to post a picture of yourself showing off your personal style, including a caption stating how the MatchBook Pro would enhance that style. So, dress like an arsonist? I don’t know, I don’t know how they dress. You’re best off just doing something wacky and eye-catching, though – the winners are the top five vote-getters, by popular selection. After this week, Mybullfrog will be running the same contest each week with a different Musubo case, giving away one per week.
If your photo submission doesn’t ignite inspiration among the masses (or you aren’t digging the pink and white color scheme), you can buy the MatchBook Pro case on Mybullfrog for about $35.


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