M-Edge SuperShell for iPhone 4S Review

The M-Edge SuperShell is a very unique iPhone 4/4S case. It’s a very large and protective case, and yet it’s unthinkably light. This ultra-protective closed-cell foam features a football or basketball-like textured appearance.

The M-Edge SuperShell is almost comically large. There’s no tiptoeing around it–it’s a big case. Shockingly, it weighs under one ounce. iPhone is pretty narrow to start with, so even with small hands, it’s going to be a comfortable case. The foam is very soft, and pretty squishy. It’s so squishy and padded, that iPhone will actually bounce if it’s dropped. Watch the video below to see just how protective the SuperShell is.

There’s button overlays for the lock and volume buttons molded into the skin for ease of access. There’s a cutout for the vibrate toggle that actually makes for easier access than most other cases. There’s a large opening for the rear camera, a pretty deep opening for the headphone jack, and another deep opening for the charging port. The speaker and microphone ports have cutouts located on the back of the case. This was a strange design choice, but it seemed to make no difference; phone calls sounded fine to my callers, and the speaker sounds arguably better with the SuperShell. The case surpasses iPhones face by a few millimeters on all sides. This can slightly interfere with typing or accessing the edges of iPhone’s screen.

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It’s tough to say what kind of market the SuperShell will most appeal to. It’s definitely a fun-looking case. It looks like a case that’s perfect for young children; it’s bright, hard to lose, and very protective. If you treat your iPhone like a toddler would, then you may love it! (#jokes) Currently, it’s available in Bubblegum Pink, Ocean Blue (pictured), Black, or Grape. The M-Edge SuperShell for iPhone 4/4S can be purchased from medgestore.com for $29.99. Considering, most manufacturers charge a premium for these types of unnecessarily protective iPhone cases, $30 is not too bad.

The Good: Protective, Light, Comfortable, Fun Design/Colors, Button Overlays, Easy to Apply/Remove
The Bad: Large, Deep Headphone and Charging Port Openings, Accessing Sides of Touch Screen is Trickier

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