Mini Boombox for the iPhone is Retro-tastic

We have seen compact and portable iPod docks in the past but this latest one might be the cutest of them all. The mini boombox iPod dock harks back to simpler times. Just dock this mini boombox into the 30 pin connector and you are ready to go jamming down the street with your sweats and hi-tops.












The details on the mini boombox are outstanding and capture every minuet detail of the original break-dancing boombox of days gone by. There is the tape deck, speakers, radio dial, and treble/bass controls.

We have seen the boombox make a comeback as of late with new and innovative designs. However, nothing compares to the original, and the mini boombox iPod dock is still worth the $34 bucks, even if it’s a perfect size for Barbie.

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