Nokia Finally Brings the Nokia 808 PureView to the U.S.

Remember that souped-up 41 MP cameraphone (phonecamera?) from Mobile World Congress this year? Well, now that Nokia has found that there is demand for the Nokia 808 PureView, it’s coming stateside.

It’s also coming unlocked, which means those in the United States won’t be seeing contract subsidized prices. Buyers will soon be able to order the 808 PureView from Amazon for $699, and it will be a GSM phone compatible with AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s networks. The camera on the 808 PureView is a beast, featuring a 41 MP sensor coupled with Nokia’s own pixel oversampling technology, which allows for 4x lossless zoom. For a phone, that’s incredible, and beats most offerings (which don’t have any lossless zoom to speak of). Full HD 1080p recording is possible, and stills can be zoomed in up to 3x without any drop in image quality.

The phone itself will be running on Symbian Belle (unique in that it’s the rare mobile OS compatible with this kind of technology) and features middling specs, but the phone isn’t what is being sold here. If you want a device that performs basic phone tasks while taking stellar pictures, the 808 PureView looks like a winner.

Amazon and Nokia are still hammering out the details of the sales partnership, but it sounds like the 808 PureView will be coming stateside very soon.

Via Conversations By Nokia

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