Nyko Announces Game Controllers for Android Tablets

Nyko, known for their bevy of third-party video game console controllers, has announced that they are releasing controllers that will work with Android-powered tablets.

The new controllers will specifically be optimized for games that take advantage of NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra3 processor. The PlayPad is the more mobile offering, which is smaller and features dual-analog sliders. The PlayPad Pro is a full-sized controller with analog sticks, and resembles an Xbox or PlayStation 3 controller. Both controllers are usable out of the box, and the mobile PlayPad comes with a collapsible tablet stand, which is a nice touch, because I can’t imagine playing a game with a controller while looking down at a screen would be very comfortable.

In order to find those optimized games mentioned above, Nyko recommends checking out NVIDIA’s free app, TegraZone, which features the best of the best games made with the Tegra3 in mind. Nyko is also making their own free app, called Playground, that will allow their new controllers to work with older games for Android tablets.

The Nyko controllers are slated to be available this fall. Pricing details are still unknown.

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