Windows Phone App of the Week: Don’t Like the Official Twitter App? Try Rowi

Rowi is a third-party Twitter app that hopes to make things more efficient for people with multiple Twitter accounts. Twitter users can sign into the app with multiple accounts, then choose from a “Tweet as” list once they have composed a tweet. Users can also save tweets to read for later using Readability, Instapaper, or Pocket.

There are some limited photo editing options on the app, and the ability to translate tweets using Bing is a big plus. The paid version of the app removes the ads and features push notifications that you can customize and use with your Live Tiles. The app is also done up in the Windows Phone Metro style.

Being free and adding a few new features not in the official Twitter app, Rowi looks like it’s worth a download. The free and paid versions are both available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The paid version costs $1.49.

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