Ryan Seacrest Reinvents Draw Something App as TV Show

Back in the day before the Internet made it big, Pictionary was the premier drawing game. Furiously hand-scrawled awful drawings, cries of “That’s what that was supposed to be? Are you serious?” and all kinds of other good times. It even got the game show treatment.

Now, Pictionary’s tech-friendly little brother, Draw Something, is following in its footsteps – or, at least trying to. Draw Something is being turned into a game show, which is being produced Ryan Seacrest, who is apparently a corporation now. I’m guessing Ryan Seacrest Productions is hoping that Draw Something the game show will have a little bit more longevity than the app itself, which has experienced a sharp decline in interest.

Seacrest is producing a pilot of Draw Something for CBS, which will put celebrities and non-celebrities together to play the game for cash prizes. There are even rumors that there will be options for people at home to join in and be eligible for prizes. It sounds like Seacrest will not actually be the host of the show, though. No word on exactly who that might be yet, or if the show will feature a cadre of regular celebrities (if, of course, the show actually gets picked up). Draw Something the app might be flagging in popularity, but who knows – if they catch lightning in a bottle and luck into something like the partnership of Match Game and Charles Nelson Reilly in the ’70s, things might end up alright.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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