SanDisk Cruzer Pop USB Flash Drives are Crazy Thin, and Stylish

SanDisk USB drives are looking mighty fresh with the introduction of the Cruzer Pop line. The thin USB drives pop open to reveal the USB connector inside. When popped open, the metallic parts of the connector are actually exposed, which is part of the reason the Cruzer Pop drives are able to be so thin (.15”). That said, you’ll probably want to keep these closed while they aren’t in use to keep those metallic parts from getting dirty.

The Cruzer Pop USB Flash drives are available in 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB, and come in three styles – black and grey checkerboard, paint splash, and tribal. Included SanDisk SecureAccess software works to protect and secure data.

No availability information has been released about the Cruzer Pop USB Flash drives, but it looks like they will be popping into stores soon enough.

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