Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive Review

Seagate’s new Backup Plus is a new portable external hard drive that is designed to make the process of backing up your data simple. With that said, it also has a few neat tricks up its sleeve. And that is, that besides for being able to backup files on both a Mac and PC, it’s also the first hard drive to offer an instant backup solution for your Facebook, and Flickr accounts.


The Backup Plus comes preloaded with Seagate’s Dashboard 2.0 software. The software includes a Protect function that is super easy to use with a straight-forward and uncluttered interface that will make it easy for non-advanced users to perform an one-click backups – without having to bother more advanced users for help!

With the Protect function, users can set the Backup Plus to run a complete backup of all of their files, or you can have set it to run a more customized backup which can include photos, documents, music, and videos. You can also set the software to backup continuously, or on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However, the Protect function will become unavailable once the drive has been formatted for Mac only.

Mac and PC Compatibility

Do you shuffle your files a lot between a Mac and a PC? The Backup Plus can be formatted so that it can work when connected both to a Mac and a PC. Many users get confused with the formatting process, especially when it comes to formatting a drive so that it’s compatible on both a Mac and a PC. Fortunately, Seagate has simplified this process with the Backup Plus, so that when you first start using the drive on a Mac, you can use Seagate’s Dashboard Mac Setup Utility to configure the Backup Plus for use on both a Mac and PC by formatting it to NTFS. Or you can use Seagate’s Dashboard Mac Setup Utility to format the drive so that it can be used with Time Machine as a Mac-only compatible drive.


The Backup Plus sports packs in USB 3.0 for fast transfer speeds. There is also an optional Thunderbolt adapter available to purchase use with the Backup Plus. Both read and write speeds are very fast on the Backup Plus when connected via USB 3.0. However,  the read and write speeds speeds drop to about 35MB/S when the drive is connected via USB 2.0.

USB 3.0 Benchmarks

Social Media Backups

The Backup Plus is the first hard drive to come preloaded with software that has the ability to backup your Facebook account. That includes backing-up all of your photos. The software on the Backup Plus will also let you backup your Flickr account. Seagate says that more backups for other services are on its way too.

The process of backing up your Facebook account is super simple. First you have to log in to your Facebook account and grant Seagate’s app access to your Facebook account. From there, the Seagate Dashboard’s “Save” function handles all of the rest. The software automatically downloads all of the albums in your Facebook account and sorts them into the appropriate folders. By default, the files from your Facebook account are directly downloaded onto your computer’s hard drive, and not onto the Backup Plus, but this can be easily changed.


Overall, the Seagate Backup Plus is a capable and compact portable hard drive that makes backing up your data simple, as it should be. We especially appreciate that Seagate has simplified the process of formatting the drive for use on both Mac and PC etc. Plus, the included feature of being able to backup your Facebook and Flickr account is a nice touch, and it’s easy to use out of the box. This new and pretty unique feature serves as a great way to pull down all of the previous photos and data that you have uploaded to the cloud, and helps ensure that you always have a safe backup of all of that data.

In addition, the Seagate Backup Plus also comes with a free year of Seagate Cloud Storage Service Powered by Nero.

The Backup plus is available in four colors – red, blue, silver and black and will retail for 500GB for $119.99, 750GB for $129.99 and 1TB for $139.99. A Backup Plus for Mac portable for Mac is also available in silver and will ship in a 500GB capacity for $119.99 and a 1TB capacity for $139.99.

The Good: Super simple backup process with one-click local backup, truly both Mac and PC friendly, can backup your Facebook and Flickr accounts, fast read and right speeds over USB 3.0, and compact form-factor.

The Bad: Thunderbolt support is only available via an adapter – but this does help keep the size of the drive down.


  1. How can you change it to mac+pc compatible? i accidentally set it up to mac only, and i want to change it to mac+pc without reformatting?

  2. How can you change it to mac+pc compatible? i accidentally set it up to mac only, and i want to change it to mac+pc without reformatting?

  3. reformat it back to NTSF and download the dashboard 2.0 software again from Seagate’s support page for your drive.

  4. does this require you to install a special driver for each mac that you connect to it? My 3TB drive came configured as NTFS, but was “read only” for Mac. seagate support page indicated that a driver (already on the drive) needs to be installed. I’m trying to figure out if a special driver really needs to be installed on each mac…

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