Speck SmartFlex Card Wallet Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

Ditch your purse or wallet because Speck has just released a brand new wallet card case for iPhone 4/4S. The SmartFlex Card can hold three credit cards and even some cash. The SmartFlex is a new style for Speck, featuring a flexible rubber-like body, unique design, and (of course) above-average protection for your iPhone 4/4S.

This is Speck’s second card case for iPhone 4/4S, the first being the CandyShell Card hard case, which is still in play. The SmartFlex Card is made out of flexible rubber-like polymer. Unlike the double-layered CandyShell, the SmartFlex is the same material through and through. The polymer is durable, light, and very protective. It also makes inserting and removing iPhone to/from the case a lot easier, an issue common to CandyShells.

The SmartFlex Card case has button overlays for the volume buttons and lock button. The overlays are great for easy access. There’s a cutout for the vibrate toggle that is just large enough; the same goes for the headphone port. The camera has a nice large cutout with a black accent. The bottom of the case has separate cutouts for the speaker, mic, and dock connector. The case can fit most any charging/syncing cable. Docking with the SmartFlex will be tricky with the deep cutout and overall thickness. The case exceeds iPhones face by a couple millimeters on all sides, providing all around protection.

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All types of wallet-sized cards can fit in the SmartFlex card holder. Strangely, our Chip Chick business cards were just too tall for the opening, but we’ll let it slide. Since the case offers a tight fit for your cards (you don’t want them falling out!), there’s a handy “thumb release” to push the cards back out the side they went in. The case holds on to one card just as well as it holds on to three. There’s enough room for a fourth, and maybe even a fifth, card, but it will be tougher to remove the cards.

It’s hard to leave home these days without your phone; ditch the wallet and purse and just bring along the essentials. A card case is perfect for a night out on the town, or even a trip to the beach. Currently, it’s just available in cobalt, which makes it a fun case. The Speck SmartFlex retails for $34.95, but can be purchased for $30 from Amazon.

The Good: Durable, Protective, Easy to Insert/Remove, Easy to Use, Button Overlays

The Bad: Less Comfortable Grip Without Cards, Didn’t Fit Chip Chick Business Cards

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