Speck SmartFlex View Case for iPhone 4S Review

Kick back and relax. Use the built in kickstand to go hands-free with the new SmartFlex View case for iPhone 4/4S. SmartFlex is the new addition to Speck’s lineup. While this isn’t the first kickstand case from Speck, the SmartFlex is a “View” case with a lighter body with extra flexibility.

The SmartFlex View case by Speck is made out of a durable polymer plastic-type material. It’s not as flexible as the SmartFlex Card we just reviewed, but it is more flexible than the CandyShell View case. The extra flexibility comes in handy whenever you need to remove the case from the phone. The back of the phone is reinforced for extra protection from bumps and impact.

The built-in stand is completely hidden and slides out of the bottom of the case. The plastic stand pulls out and back, and it’s spring loaded. It’s the same stand as the CandyShell View. It can stand iPhone upright, or landscape. The landscape orientation is much sturdier, however either is great for FaceTiming or watching videos.

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The Speck SmartFlex View is a great case for everyday use. It’s extremely durable and protective. It’s fantastic to always be able to stand iPhone near your nightstand or on your desk. The Speck SmartFlex View is lighter than the CandyShell, and it’s a lot easier to remove and apply. It still has some heft to it, however that’s usually the tradeoff for such a protective phone. The Speck SmartFlex is currently available in black with a dark grey stand. It’s currently selling for $30 on Amazon, which is a fair price considering its functionality.

The Good: Protective, Durable, Built In Stand Props Vertical and Horizontal, Good Button Overlays and Cutouts

The Bad: A Bit Bulky, Won’t Fit in Some Docks, Only Available in Black

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