Spotify Launches Free Mobile Radio on iPhone and iPad

Spotify just made itself even more appealing by making Spotify Radio on their iPhone and iPad apps free to use. Until now, users had to have a paid Spotify premium account to take advantage of listening to Spotify on their iPhone or iPad, but today that changes for Spotify users – at-least for users in the U.S. That means that you can now have free mobile access to your mobile playlists.

Users will have to update their app in the App Store in order to take advantage of this new freemium feature. The update is supposed to go live in the App Store today. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this perk is available on the Spotify Android app.

Spotify users on iPhone and iPad can now:

  • Create limitless streaming radio stations from single songs, playlists, albums or artists
  • Create an unlimited number of stations and listen as long as they like
  • Save tracks to Spotify playlists – any song that users “like” will be saved, so they can find the songs later
  • Personalize stations in real time by “liking” tracks to hear similar music
  • Browse friends’ playlists and create radio stations based on their tastes
  • Hear great new songs from Spotify’s state-of-the-art recommendation engine, based on what millions of real people are listening to
  • Access a catalog of over 16 million tracks

And of-course, a premium account with Spotify still offers certain perks, like the ability to listen to Spotify radio outside of the U.S.

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