Tabula Project Wants To Turn Your iPad into an Essential Teaching Tool

Tech blogger Noah Kravitz has started up an initiative to encourage the use of tablets as a teaching tool in classrooms across the nation, and is looking to crowdsource funding to make that goal a reality. If the name sounds familiar, Kravitz was involved in a legal dust-up that launched a debate about the competing rights  to social media contacts of individuals and the companies they work for.

The Tabula Project doesn’t plan on creating a new suite of educational apps for tablets – Kravitz is well aware that app stores are awash in quality educational materials, including digital textbooks. What the Tabula Project aspires to do is connect teachers with those apps, by providing them with tools that make using tablets in the classroom more practical for teachers. It makes sense – as user-friendly as tablets are, introducing them as a major part of the classroom is going to be a significant departure from what many teachers are used to. The tools Kravitz wants to create will emulate teaching methods from some of the nation’s top instructors, some of whom are collaborating with Kravitz on the project. Tools created as a part of the Tabula Project will include classroom analytics and training materials for teachers.

The project doesn’t seem to desire to create anything new or exciting, but that doesn’t make its aims any less important. It’s easy to talk about the potential value of tablets in classrooms, but if that potential never becomes reality, or, more accurately, is never perceived as practical by instructors at large, that potential is squandered.

If you’re interested in donating, you can take a look at the Tabula Project’s funding page, which details donation levels and rewards and gives more information about the aims and timeframe of the project. The ultimate funding goal is $300,000, but in order to secure initial funding, the Tabula Project must receive $75,000 in donations by the end of the month.

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