Target Gets Robotic with New Gift Card

Not sure if anyone could have seen this idea coming – a robotic gift card. That’s what Target, in partnership with micro robotics company Hexbug, is making available at its retail stores.

The Hexapillar is a tiny robotic caterpillar that doubles as a gift card, and transforms into a butterfly (appropriately, with Target logo wings). It can crawl around on its own once it has been turned on and, impressively enough, can fly once it sprouts its wings. Many of the robotic parts are exposed on the underside of the Hexapillar, allowing kids and adults alike to learn a little bit about how all those moving parts are working together.

It’s not immediately clear how the Hexapillar works as a gift card, but one thing does sound certain – this should be the first of many crawling gift cards in Target’s future. So, if a roving caterpillar doesn’t sound like it’s going to go over well as a gift, you can hold out for something a little more suitable. It is a pretty cute little caterpillar, though – shades of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and that’s never a bad thing.


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