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Technology in South Korea: Less of the Nukes, More of the Mental

South Korea has a bad rap nowadays, and it’s mostly down to the countries aggressive attitude to the rest of the world, and love of nuclear power. Yes, we know they have to deal with the shady North Koreans on the border and the stress of Japan refusing to admit they’re of equal value, but that’s still no excuse to go around building huge killing machines. What I’d like to draw your attention too is the other side of South Korea- the gadgety crazy loving side which involves extreme uses of technology and frankly baffling gadgetry designed just to entertain their youth.

Samsung and LG are both massive producers in South Korea with factories based there, and 80% of the people I met were carrying a Galaxy Note- adoring its browsing capabilities as they hung out in bars and on the train. Crazy multicolored phone cases are on sale on every street corner, offering us cute rabbit tails and 3D designs for around $2 a case. South Korea has a lot to offer people in terms of technology and it’s impressive how seamlessly this has been adapted into everyday life, with a lot of though put into making the transition into a high tech world feel incredibly natural. South Korea offers both useful and practical technology- from DIY sticker booths (above image) where you can alter features and morph faces, to WiFi on trains and more.

Fingerprint scanners are a commonplace occurrence in South Korea; fitted onto lockers in train stations and used to open doors to apartment buildings. It’s a helpful way of making sure you never forget your keys and a good example of how interesting tech becomes second nature to Korea’s youth.

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