Cygnett Union Jack Montage Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

Crikey! This is a nice looking case. Maybe the Union Jack isn’t your thing, but Cygnett’s Union Jack Montage Case has one of the nicest finishes we’ve ever seen on an iPhone 4/4S case. The matte finish is ultra soft to the touch, and it even has a raised texture.

The Cygnett Union Jack Montage Case isn’t the first Cygnett case to offer this fantastic matte finish, we reviewed their Icon Art Series, which we were equally enamored with. It seems like these days any graphical case is glossy, but Cygnett has gone against the grain with a truly stunning finish. Not only does it look really cool, but it’s so soft and smooth to the touch. The myriad of union jacks all over the case are actually textured and raised–you can feel them, and it’s still super smooth.

The Montage Case is just about as thin as it gets. If you’re looking for a minimalistic iPhone case that still offer protection, then this is it. The case falls flush with iPhone’s face, which leaves the screen unprotected, but that’s why Cygnett includes a screen protector. They also include an applicator and a cleaning cloth.

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The Montage case has cutouts for the volume buttons, toggle switch, and back camera. The top and bottom of the case are exposed, which is ideal. This case should fit in just about any iPhone dock. It snaps right on iPhone, and isn’t too hard to remove if you have finger nails.

Cygnett has a whole line-up of fun London-themed iPhone cases. The Cygnett Union Jack Montage Case for iPhone 4 and 4S is currently available from Cygnett.com for $29.99. Considering it includes a screen protector, and $30 is pretty standard for brand-name iPhone cases, it’s worth the price to have such a unique case.

The Good: Amazing soft matte finish, slim profile, snap-on design, includes screen protector, light, durable, protective
The Bad: Nothing really

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