View Quest Unveils New Wi-Fi Radio, is Kind of Retro

View Quest has dubbed their new offering the Retro Radio WiFi. I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on the use of the retro moniker here, but I’ll leave final judgment to you.

The new radio is outfitted with both a DAB/FM tuner and a Wi-Fi scanner, opening up thousands of local and global radio stations for you to listen to. An information center gathers all the news and weather information from your local area into one spot. The radio is compatible with iPods and iPhones, but an auxiliary in port allows for the use of other mobile devices. There’s also a backlit LED screen, and audio is handled by two 10 watt speakers. There are 10 presets for the DAB/FM radio, but come on dude, your whole life is preset. Try something new.

The Retro Radio WiFi is available in black and grey and black and cream, and features a leather carrying handle. The whole radio is surrounded in leather casing, too, for a little extra luxurious touch. View Quest is selling the Retro Radio WiFi now for £149.99, or about $234.