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Vizio Dives into the Laptop and All-In-One Market – We Go Hands-on


We knew Vizio was good at making budget TVs, but Wow…we didn’t expect that they would totally nail their first release into the PC market. Vizio announced today the availability of three new computers: the Thin + Light Ultrabook, the Notebook, and the All-In-One. After going hands on with with the Vizio PC line-up, we commend them for designing these products with the consumer in mind.

It seems unconventional to mention this before any specs, but it’s the perfect example of Vizio’s attentiveness to consumer preferences: there’s no bloatware. On the entire line-up, there’s no bloatware or third party applications. It’s a clean install straight from Microsoft. To top that, they worked directly with Microsoft to optimize the Windows build specifically for their drivers. Vizio made another essential partnerships that will lend well to the success of the lineup: Intel plays a large role in the design of the Vizio PCs, making the most out of their 3rd generation Core processors (Ivy Bridge).

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The Vizio All-In-One

Watch out iMac, the Vizio All-In-One is coming for you. This stunning desktop eye-candy is available with a 24″ or 27″ full HD 1080p display. The neat thing about the design is that the computer’s internals are actually in the base of the machine. Why is this awesome? Because all the cords and ports are on the bottom; there’s nothing that runs down from the display. Vizio actually incorporated an HDMI-IN port so you can hook up your DVD Player, Cable Box, etc. straight to the display. Leave it to the TV manufacturer to come up with such an ingenious idea! Yet another game-changing idea implemented by Vizio is their subwoofer power supply. Computers all need a power supply, sometimes externally. Why not built a subwoofer straight into the external power supply and deliver 2.1 surround sound audio?

The All-In-One comes with a wireless keyboard, remote control, and wireless touchpad, with multi-touch support. Here’s the kicker: the 24″ costs just $898 and the 27″ costs just $1098.

27″ Loaded Model:

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The Vizio Thin + Light

Thin + Light is Vizio’s contribution to the growing Ultrabook market. Adhering to Intel’s ultrabook standards, the Thin + Light is just that; very thin, durable, and light. It features an anodized aluminum unibody construction. It’s “sleek enough to take anywhere and easily outperforms notebooks twice its size.” After going hands-on, we have to believe this is true. It has great viewing angles and also comes with SRS premium audio capabilities. The Vizio Thin + Light comes in a 14″ model and 15.6″ model, and they start at just $898.

15.6″ Loaded Model:

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The Vizio Notebook

The Vizio Notebook is almost indistinguishable from their Thin+ Light ultrabook. It’s also made out of aluminum and features a stunning 15.6″ full HD 1080p display. It also features SRS premium audio and a full sized multi-touch trackpad. It has beveled edges and a slip-free soft-touch underside. The notebook starts at just $898.

Loaded Model:
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We have to admit, we were very impressed with Vizio (if they were a public company, we’d probably invest). The PC market is not an easy market to get into. It’s apparent that Vizio put an extreme investment into R&D; they learned what the consumer wants and teamed up with the greatest minds in computing to product an affordable lineup… an affordable lineup that’s not bloated with unwanted software. Vizio retailers include Walmart, Amazon.com, Sam’s Club, Costco, Target, and Microsoft Store.
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