Words With Friends and Draw Something Come to Nokia Lumia Phones

If you own a Windows phone that is not a Lumia, don’t worry – you’ll be getting the two hit apps owned by Zynga in the near future. For right now, those two apps will only be available to Nokia Lumia customers, which can be accessed through the Nokia Collection. The two apps will become available on the Windows Phone Marketplace sometime this fall. That’s right – Windows Phone owners will finally get to enjoy Scrabble and Pictionary on the go (wait, sorry, what were their names again?).

Not to jinx it for Windows Phone owners, but who knows – maybe this means Windows Phone will finally start bridging the app gap between its marketplace and what the volume of apps available on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Things might really start looking up once Windows Phone 8 hits – it’s too bad early Windows Phone adopters will need to upgrade phones to experience the benefits.

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  1. An interesting thing about the windows phone 8 timing. If you were an early adopter of WP7 and on a standard 2 year contract, you’ll be just about timed right to get a WP8 phone. 

    At this point any exclusive vendor content makes me less likely of recommending picking up existing hardware.

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