’80s Retro Brick Bluetooth Handset For the Zack Morris in All of Us

The retro technology phenomenon is really incredible, when you think about it. What else on Earth could get people to spend money to be inconvenienced in the name of fashion? Oh, wait. I guess that’s a lot of things.

The ’80s Retro Brick Bluetooth Handset is one such device seeking Kickstarter funding, a throwback to the antiquated brick mobile handsets of the ’80s ( aka the Zack Morris phone). The handset connects to mobile phones via Bluetooth, or can be used as a VoIP handset, if you want to make calls using those services directly from the handset. More practically, the handset can serve as a speakerphone, for hands-free calling. When paired to a mobile phone, the handset has a range of 30 feet, with a battery that lasts for 20 hours of talk time, after which you’ll need to charge it via USB. It’s kind of like a Bluetooth headset that you’d normally use – you know, besides the whole 13 inches tall part.

The ’80s Retro Brick Bluetooth Handset comes in white, as well as ’80s-appropriate colors neon green, neon yellow, and hot pink. Still, asking for an $85 contribution to secure one seems a bit much. That’s just the early bird special – after the first 100, you’ll need to chip in $99 to get one. If you want one of the neon colors, that will be $115. The question is, just how much do you love the ’80s?

I’m not here to bash the enterprise completely – retro is in, and if it sells, good for them. Still, hoping for $150,000 in contributions over a month for something that really tests the limits of practicality might be asking a bit much. The husband and wife duo behind the handset need that cash by August 12 – and they still have $145,000 to go. Best of luck to them.

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