Adidas micoach Elite Will Make the MLS the First “Smart League”

Come 2013, adidas will be dramatically changing up the way managers evaluate their teams. It could also change the way games are watched by MLS fans. Wherever you guys are, I know you’re out there somewhere.

The adidas micoach Elite System, which will make its debut at the 2012 MLS All-Star Game on July 25th, will transmit real-time biometrics of all players on the pitch to the manager’s iPad. Those biometrics will include basic stats like heart rate, distance traveled, speed, and acceleration, but will also include manager-friendly stats like field position and power output. The idea is that managers can use the information to make smarter and more timely substitutions and, more importantly, cut down on the risk of injury during games and practice.

The information will come courtesy of a small data cell that will be worn in each player’s base layer. That base layer will be the smart part of the deal – wired with electrodes and sensors that make the micoach Elite System possible. From there, it sounds like the system will work on the cloud, with all that data stored on a central server, which is then presented on the manager’s iPad in an easily digestible form, allowing the manager to make quick decisions on the fly.

After the test run during the all-star game this week, the adidas micoach Elite System will become standard for all 19 MLS teams at the beginning of the 2013 season. Eventually, fans watching at home and in the stadium will be able to access all that biometric information, in what will surely be the beginning of a brand new and fruitful era of post-game second-guessing of managerial decisions. It’s going to be beautiful.

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