Samsung Sold Twice As Many Phones as Apple Last Quarter

With the billions of dollars Apple is constantly making, it’s easy to forget that they don’t actually dominate the smartphone market – Android still has a tight grip on the highest market share. Samsung has made things even more interesting, though, revealing that they alone sold twice as many smartphones in the second quarter than Apple.

Samsung sold 50.5 million smartphones last quarter, compared to 26 million iPhones. The huge margin isn’t totally surprising, since you would expect Apple sales to be a little lower right now in anticipation of the iPhone 5. The more interesting part here isn’t that Samsung is dominating Apple, but that it’s starting to seem like Samsung is dominating as the leading brand of Android phone. The fact that Samsung alone – not Android – accounts for 34.6 percent market share in smartphones is striking. That’s not good news for companies like HTC, which are angling to become leading Android phone makers themselves. Considering that the Windows-friendly Nokia is in third place at 7 percent market share, it looks like Samsung has Android more or less locked up.

As for Apple, they’ll need to show something impressive this quarter to make up for failing to meet expectations last quarter. Granted, a bad quarter for Apple is an amazing quarter for just about everyone else, but you never want to start trending down. Second quarter results suggest that right now, Apple needs to make a splash, or risk Samsung pulling away even more in the smartphone market.

Via Reuters

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