Arctic Metal Weave and Titan Series iPhone 4/4S Case Review

If you’re into minimalistic iPhone cases, then come hither… we have just reviewed Artic’s Metal Weave and Titan Series iPhone cases. Both cases deliver a high-class aluminum backing to iPhone in a thin and lightweight polycarbonate shell.

The Arctic Titan and Metal Weave cases are essentially the same, aside from the backing. The Titan features a classy brushed aluminum backing with an ultra-smooth finish. The Metal Weave features an industrial-looking weaved aluminum pattern. The Weave is soft to the touch, but the pattern is actually textured. Both cases really show off their features in the right light.

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Each case has a strong polycarbonate frame that snaps right on to iPhone. The top and bottom is completely exposed for cutouts, which makes for easy port/button access and compatibility with docks. The volume buttons have a separate cutout than the vibrate toggle, which isn’t ideal, but not the worst. The cases are both very light and pretty durable, but they’re lacking on front protection. They leave iPhone’s front face exposed by about one millimeter, which is just enough to crack your screen from a decent drop.

If you like minimalistic cases, meaning a lightweight case, that offers enough protection from bumps and scratches, then the Arctic Metal Weave and Artic Titan Series iPhone 4/4S cases are a good choice. Arctic isn’t yet a name brand in the iPhone accessory world, but these cases are pretty high quality. They’re also affordably priced: $23.95 for the Metal Weave, and $21.95 for the Titan. If you’re known for dropping phones, then take a look at the Griffin Elan Chilewich; it’s similar and offers a little more protection for the front of iPhone.

More Arctic cases can be found at TheArcticStore.com

The Good: Cool Designs, Clean, Light, Minimalistic, Affordable

The Bad: Leaves iPhone’s Front Faceplate Completely Exposed


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