Belly Button Sesame Mixer Is Yet Another Genius Import from Japan


I admit it, my belly button can get a bit smelly. The combination of  heat, moisture, and lack of air tend to make my belly button smell less like roses and more like a garbage can.  So there I said it… Well you just have to love the Japanese since their country seems to be able solve even this unspoken problem.

Your dark canal is about to get a good swabbing with the Belly Button Sesame Mixer. Just put a bit of ointment on the included q-tips and clean away. But with a name like that, the question is – are you really putting sesames in your belly button? No. It just happens to be that sesame seeds is slang for belly button lint.  How clever… from now on I will call it that too!

Now if you want to go through the trouble of ordering this, instead of perhaps just  taking a shower, the Belly Button Sesame Mixer will set you back about $49.99 from Gizmine. For that price plus shipping, you better have plenty of walls of lint and crud in that hole to make it worth it.