Bose VideoWave II System Debuts for the One Percent

About two years ago, Bose unveiled its first all-in-one entertainment system offering – the Bose VideoWave Entertainment System, a flat panel television with built-in surround sound speakers, paired with a separate console for the purpose of attaching peripheral devices. Now, Bose is rolling out an update to that television – the Bose VideoWave II.

The Bose VideoWave II will feature an LED backlit display and full HD video in 1080p. The televisions, particularly the 55” model, promise to be thinner than the first version, and will be lined with aluminum-finish bezels. The small peripheral console returns, which can be connected to up to six different external devices, like video game consoles. The television can also be wall-mounted.

Since this is a Bose product, you know the audio quality is going to be given plenty of attention. The VideoWave II fits six woofers and a seven-element speaker array behind the screen, to provide a true surround sound effect. Bose digital signal processing and Bose PhaseGuide sound radiator technology combine with those speakers and woofers to extend the audio to all parts of the room, promising uniform, high-quality sound. A dock for the iPhone and iPod is also included – using it will display artwork, track details, and playlist information on the display.

The remote will be an RF click-pad remote with very few buttons – instead of a traditional remote, you’ll get an on-screen interface controlled by that click-pad remote. Using RF instead of infrared means no careful aiming at the television is necessary, if you need to make a quick song change from the next room over.

It’s probably the most minimalist way there is to get a surround sound entertainment system in your house, which is quite an achievement. As for as achievements go, though, this one isn’t exactly the most affordable. The 46” Bose VideoWave II will sell for $4,999, while the 55” model will sell for $5,999. Those prices will put the VideoWave II out of reach for most, but for those who have deep pockets, get ready to enjoy a thin-bodied, rich entertainment experience.