These Camera Straps Add Color to that all Black DSLR

Camera straps just got a whole lot snazzier. Just because laptops, iPhones, and every other gadget known to man can accessorize; why not the camera? Fortunately, Capturing Couture offers a selection of camera straps that will appeal to all discerning tastes.

There are designs that range from tribal, flowery, preppy, bohemian and more. Once you have one of these colorful straps attached to your DSLR, your colorful accessory will grab more attention than the camera itself.

The straps are adjustable for those looking for a longer or shorter grasp on their camera, and consists of materials such as nylon or velvet, depending on the type of style you choose.

The Capturing Couture camera straps retail for about $49. But looking hot with your camera… well, that is just priceless.

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