Carved’s Real Wood Puzzle Skin for iPhone 4/4S Review

 There are currently 15 different pieces of real woodgrain puzzle pieces on the back of our iPhone. That is because our iPhone is covered in the Carved Real Wood Puzzle Skin for iPhone 4/4S, which is a uniquely designed skin that sticks to the back of iPhone.

The Carved Real Wood Puzzle Skin is available as a random puzzle (shown) or as a custom design, where you choose each piece. There is an optional front cover, also made of real wood, for an extra $5. Both the front skin and the back skin have a reusable adhesive which allows you to remove and reuse the skin. Even though the back puzzle piece case goes on as one piece, it’s apparent that the 15 pieces are distinct. Each piece has a different feel, and they’re raised at slightly different heights.

It’s real wood! You can tell just from feeling it. The wood isn’t tinted or dyed, there are 7 different all natural grains: Bamboo, Padauk, Purpleheart, Sycamore, Olive Ash, Paldao, and Redwood Burl. It’s just a couple millimeters thick and will protect the front and back of iPhone from scratches, but there’s no real protection from drops. Nicely enough, it will work with an Apple bumper, or other bumper-like cases.

The Carved Skin sticks tightly to iPhone, and takes just a few seconds to apply. It’s removable and reusable, and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Aside from a lack of protection, our only real gripe is that the front cover blocks iPhone’s light sensor; this prevents auto-brightness from working properly.

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Carved has a bunch of different real wood (and custom) cases. The Puzzle Skin is a fun choice, and you can also custom design the puzzle that best suits you. If you’re careful with your iPhone, it’s a very unique touch to distinguish your iPhone from everyone else’s. When the right light hits the back of the Puzzle Skin, it’s very apparent how real and high quality the wood is. The Random Puzzle Skin (shown) costs $24, while a custom skin costs $34. The wooden front skin costs an extra $5, and shipping is free. It delivers quickly, and in a regular envelope. It’s all currently available from Carved.com.

The Good: Durable, Real High Quality Wood, Reusable, Customizable, Free Shipping, Comfortable Thickness, Lightweight, Easy to Apply

The Bad: Minimal Protection, Front Skin Prevents Auto-Brightness

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