Chelco Brings the Boombox Back from the Dead

The rotting, clammy hand of retro tech once again bursts forth from the fresh soil on its grave, thanks to the continued necromancy of Urban Outfitters. This is no cheap imitation of old-school tech. The boombox is back.

Awesome, you might think. A boombox that can play my old cassettes and my new digital files. The best of both worlds! Well, no. This is Urban Outfitters, and they don’t do modern day. Retro means retro, and that means you’ll be getting a boombox straight from the glory days of boomboxes – before even the CD made it big. The Chelco Portable Boombox plays cassette tapes only, but does have an AM/FM tuner, along with 4 watts of output from the speakers. There’s also a headphone jack, but you won’t be using that while you’re carrying this boombox on one shoulder while you skate through town in your tank top and bright-colored shorts, blasting your tunes for everyone to hear. That’s music sharing the way it was meant to be.

The Chelco Portable Boombox is available on the Urban Outfitters website for $70.

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