iPhone App of the Week: Share Your Videos With Your Friends and Family Using Cloudee

OK, it’s true, there are about a million ways to share videos online these days. But, if none of them have been your cup of tea so far, give Cloudee a look.

Cloudee, developed by the people behind the Boxee Box, is a cloud-based service for video sharing. When the service goes live, it will be a paid service offering unlimited online storage for videos. The app allows you to organize your videos into online collections that can be viewed by designated people. Background uploading allows you to further organize videos or queue up other videos for uploads without having to wait. Once your videos are stored on the cloud, they can be accessed via Boxee Box or any web browser.

The finished app isn’t ready yet, but you can put yourself on the standby list for the beta if you have a Facebook account. No word on exactly what the subscription costs will be once the app goes live, though it might be good for Cloudee to be pretty cheap, or add some functionality. Despite how they make things sound on the app page, video uploading isn’t that big of a hassle – Facebook makes sharing with friends and family awfully easy. Cloudee is going to need to prove it has business being a paid service – it’s ironic that the beta requires a Facebook account, because the only people I can think of who would benefit from Cloudee are the people who don’t have Facebook accounts.

Update 7/9/12: The folks over at Cloudee have asked us to clarify 2 things – 1. When they do release Cloudee, they will offer a premium option for unlimited storage and some additional features, but it will still be available for free, just with a limited amount of storage. 2. Also, although they are using Facebook Connect during the beta period, they plan to open up the service for anyone after the service has been released.

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