Cygnett InSound Noise Canceling Headphones Review

 Cygnett has slowly but surely been making a name for themselves in the accessory market. Their InSound Noise Canceling Headphones is the newesst addition to their growing product lineup. In an industry where noise canceling headphones never really came down in price, Cygnett offers good value for their InSound Noise Canceling Headphones.

What’s in the Box:
-Cygnett InSound Noise Canceling Headphones
-Hard Zippered Carrying Case
-2X removable audio cables
-Airplane Connector
-Soft Cable Pouch

The Cygnett InSound Noise Canceling Headphones are a stealthy looking pair of matte black headphones. We hesitate to say they’re officially over-ear headphones, since they partially sit on-ear. The ear cups are relatively large and have comfortable black donut shaped cushions. The headband is adjustable and also cushioned. Even though the earcup donut doesn’t fit entirely around my large ears, the InSounds are comfortable enough for a few hours of use.

As active noise canceling headphones, the InSounds require batteries: two AAA batteries, which are discreetly hidden in the right earphone. On the opposite earphone is a power switch and a volume wheel. The volume wheel is independent from the music player’s volume. Nicely enough, batteries aren’t required to listen to music without noise canceling.

The InSounds come with two differently sized (removable) cables, the red being 1.5 meters and the black being 1 meter. The red adds a nice contrast to the all black headphones. There’s a glowing blue LED that also adds a tad of contrast (and makes them look extra high-tech) when noise canceling is turned on.

Noise canceling technology requires a microphone that listens to ambient sound, then in real-time the headphones play an anti-sound to cancel out the ambient noise. Cygnett did a real nice job implementing their noise cancellation. With noise canceling on, and nothing playing, there’s no hiss; surroundings are muffled or eliminated. Riding the subway is a noisy experience, with noise cancellation turned on, most train noise is eliminated. This means I can listen to music clearly at lower volumes, without hurting my ears. Not everything all background sounds are eliminated (like voices), but this is usually for the best. You can toggle noise cancellation on and off to hear a very noticeable difference. If it works this well on the subway, then the Cygnett InSound would work wonders on an airplane where the ambient noise is much more consistent.

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As for sound quality, the Cygnett InSounds are good and clear. They may not up to audiophile standards, but if you’re not a headphone snob they should sound amazing. There’s a lot of treble and the bass is a bit flat and light. The mids are loud and clear, but the highs and lows could be more balanced. While low bitrate music doesn’t sound distorted, the difference from high bitrate music is noticeable. The overall audio quality is enhanced when turning on noise cancellation.

The Cygnett InSounds are comfortable noise cancelling headphones, complete with the bells and whistles. The company has been full of surprises these past couple of years, and have yet to let us down. At $129.99, the Cygnett InSound are not cheap, but they are on the affordable side for active noise canceling headphones. They’re currently available from Cygnett.com.

The Good: Noise Canceling Works, Comfortable, Different Length Cables, Tough Carrying Case Included, Airplane Adapter included
The Bad: Gets Greasy, No Control Button/Mic

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