Denon’s Urban Raver Headphones Rock an Illuminated Control Wheel design

The Denon Urban Raver Headphones aren’t your typical set of headphones. That’s because must headphones don’t require their own battery power.

These do, thanks to 50 mm drivers and an integrated amp – if you don’t care about hearing loss later in life, these are the headphones for you. The headphones are professionally designed and will be bass-heavy, perfect for all that dubstep the kids are listening to these days. If the battery dies (battery life is put at about 12 hours), the phones will still work, minus the amplifier.

In order to cut down on the need to interact with the music player, the Urban Raver Headphones will come with a control wheel on the ear cup that will handle volume adjustment and track switching. It’s a black wheel that protrudes from the ear cup, and looks like it will be easy to grab and adjust on the fly. The control wheel also has a built-in microphone. The idea is that putting the controls and microphone on the headphones will be easier and more convenient to use than an in-line remote – they might have a point there.

The Urban Raver Headphones also have a fresh look, sporting pentagon-shaped ear cushions and a two-axis ear cup design, something that is popping up on recent high-end headphones to provide more flexibility and fit for those who wear headphones for long stretches of time, like DJs.

The Denon Urban Raver Headphones will be available sometime this month for about $400.

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