Deron Williams Officially Re-Signs With the Brooklyn Nets Via an iPad

Deron Williams’ decision to stay with the Brooklyn Nets (formerly of New Jersey) was one of the first big announcements of the NBA off-season. It became official yesterday, as the NBA moratorium on new business ended, signaling the beginning of free agency. As it turns out, the signing manages to make tech news, too, as one of the first high-profile sports contract signings to be done via an iPad.

The talented Williams signed his name to the five-year, $98 million contract using an iPad and the SignNow app. I’m going to guess that this is the biggest transaction ever completed over that app, by a healthy margin. Now that Williams has done his own electronic trailblazing (no, not the Portland kind), it’ll be interesting to see how many other athletes follow suit. I’m going to say many will – after all, Williams looks pretty comfortable in that picture. Beats having to go somewhere and sign the thing in person – and forget fax machines. Nobody likes fax machines.

Appropriately enough, Williams followed up the e-signing by letting everyone know about it via social networking. Shortly after he officially re-signed with the Nets, William tweeted,

 Officially a Brooklyn Net! Signed my contract on an iPad Just thank God for this wonderful Opportunity #HelloBrooklyn

The future’s looking bright for all involved – the Nets get their franchise point guard, SignNow gets some free publicity, and Deron Williams gets a lot of money. It’s hard to see who the loser in the whole – oh, right. Dwight Howard.


Photo Via Lockerz

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