Eminem Tops Lady Gaga with 60 Million Facebook Fans

In case you were wondering, no one on Earth had managed to accrue 60 million Facebook likes until today, when Marshall Mathers III became the first.

Being the first to reach the milestone, that would make Eminem the most-liked person on Facebook. The graph above shows his competition, including Rihanna, who is slated to overtake Eminem if present trends continue. The graph also does a wonderful job pointing out the ridiculous increase in “liking” activity in general since the beginning of 2010.

While he has Lady Gaga beat on Facebook, he’s still no match for the reigning queen of Twitter. Lady Gaga claims over twice as many followers there – a lead that won’t fall anytime soon.

The only question remaining is whether or not that makes their duet by default the most popular Facebook song of all time. Shame we don’t have the metrics for that.

Via StarCount

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