Google Chrome Comes to the iPhone

Seeing a Google product on an Apple device (or vice versa) always seems like a perversion of the natural order of things – like a Democrat and a Republican agreeing on something in Congress, or that time when Nas went on tour with Jay-Z. It feels like something that isn’t supposed to happen, and considering that this isn’t Google’s first app for iOS, and that past efforts have been less than exemplary, it’s no surprise that many greet news of a Google iOS app with suspicion that Google might have ended up dogging it around the bases.

Looks like the past is past, though. Google Chrome for iOS currently holds the title of top free iOS app only days after its release on day two of Google I/O last week, and for good reason. Chrome for iOS is a port of the desktop appearance, but also brings desktop-to-mobile syncing. By signing into your Google account, you can sync passwords, tabs, bookmarks, and omnibox data from computer to mobile device, be it iPad or iPhone. The same text auto-complete feature is on the iOS app, as well.

You can open unlimited tabs, which means as many tabs as you can open without crashing your phone. On the iPhone, you can flip through those tabs like you would flip through a deck of cards, while the iPad uses edge-to-edge scrolling. And, incognito mode is also on the app, so you can look at whatever it is you view in incognito mode without saving anything to your browsing history. I won’t ask.

Chrome recently overtook Internet Explorer as the most commonly used desktop web browser, and now that it’s tops in the free app category for the Apple’s app store, it looks like the dominance could continue in the mobile sphere. Maybe this will be the Google-Apple combination that actually does work out – for Google, at least.

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