Jitterbug Plus Debuts, Lets Seniors Publish Photos to Facebook!

GreatCall is known for its wireless services and mobile phones designed with seniors in mind. Their mobile phone line, Jitterbug, takes a simplistic approach to the mobile phone, resembling phones of ten years ago in terms of available features. GreatCall slowly adds in new features sometimes, and this time, with the Jitterbug Plus, they’ve added one-touch photo sharing to Facebook. If ever there was a feature made for grandma or grandpa, it’s that one.

On the phone itself, clear Yes/No buttons make menu navigation simple, while the numbers on the backlit screen are very large and easy to see. Importantly, the numbers aren’t too big – all 10 numbers of a standard phone number plus area code fit on the screen, which avoids unnecessary confusion on the part of the user. Speaker quality from previous Jitterbug phones has been improved, and the phone features an M4/T4 hearing aid rating. The improved battery provides up to 25 days of standby.

Simplified text messaging is back, along with a 1.3 MP camera that, after signing into their Facebook account, seniors can use to take pictures and share to Facebook with one-touch. It’ll probably be a popular feature, but if Facebook isn’t grandma or grandpa’s thing, users can turn off that feature, or any other feature on the phone, for that matter.

GreatCall has a couple features available to keep things running smoothly and safely for seniors. The phone works with a simplified version of 5Star Urgent Response, to aid in a medical emergency. A GreatCall operator can be reached by dialing 0. The operator can provide assistance in managing the phone’s contact book or calendar.

Jitterbug Plus will sell for $119 normally, but is available now at a discount for $99. The phone is contract-free and does not charge for long distance or roaming. The Jitterbug Plus can be purchased on the GreatCall website, or by calling 1-866-554-4751. The phone will also be available at various electronics retailers.

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