Katie Holmes Uses Prepaid Phone To Plot Tom Cruise Divorce

Apparently, Katie Holmes felt that the utmost discretion was necessary while planning her divorce from Tom Cruise, to avoid him finding out about the plot. The implications are troubling.

The fact that Holmes felt the need to keep things a secret, even going as far as using a disposable cell phone to arrange the divorce with three law firms, says a lot of potentially disturbing things about the state of that relationship, and the position she might have been in. Obviously, it’s impossible to know what exactly happened between the two, but it’s easy to imagine that two people ascribing to fairly rigid religious doctrines (Holmes and Roman Catholicism, Cruise and Scientology) might have their disagreements from time to time.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the subject of the chief disagreement (and the chief victim of the matter) is likely the couple’s six-year-old daughter, Suri. After the divorce, Holmes will have the most power in determining Suri’s education. According to a Los Angeles Times report, the bulk of conversations between the two sides’ lawyers focused on Scientology, and its role in Suri’s upbringing.

Again, it’s impossible to draw conclusions, but on its face, the fact that Holmes felt the need to use a disposable cell phone to initiate divorce proceedings without Cruise’s knowledge is very unsettling. Such behavior can be indicative of a repressive, dominating, and possibly unsafe domestic situation for both Holmes and her child. Here’s hoping that wasn’t the case.


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