Forget the Athletes, Check Out This London Bus Doing Push-ups at the Olympics

The strongest athlete at this year’s Olympic Games won’t be winning any medals – it’s hard to compete when you weigh six tons.

Czech artist David Cerny purchased a classic London double-decker bus, and took it back to Prague in his native Czech Republic to embark on what could be called a very extreme version of Pimp My Ride. The finished product sports beefy mechanical arms capable of movement. That’s right – a bus is putting many of us to shame, one push up at a time.

The bus, named the London Booster, is now in London, located outside the Czech Olympic headquarters. Throughout the Olympics, big red here will be staying fit – and from the labored breathing coming from this guy, it sounds like he needs the extra work. At least his form looks on point.

The artist, Cerny, is no stranger to eccentricity. His previous sculptures have amused and angered many, making him a controversial figure in the Czech Republic and in Europe at large. Previous works include Czech historical figure Saint Wenceslas riding an upside-down dead horse, a pair of urinating statues, and giving an old Soviet tank a pink paint job. In the pantheon of his works, Booster is pretty much par for the course.

Via metro.co.uk

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