LUNATIK Touch Pen Plays Role in Designing a Pair of Sneakers

BucketFeet specializes in taking designs from independent artists all over the world and turning them into pretty decent pairs of shoes. Their most recent release is a collaboration with MINIMAL, a design studio based in Chicago. As it turns out, this particular pair of shoes was made possible thanks to a little tech magic from Kickstarter.

The LUNATIK Touch Pen, which got its start as a Kickstarter project, is a traditional ink pen that can be switched into stylus mode with the press of a button. Scott Wilson, the founder of MINIMAL, saw the LUNATIK Touch Pen as the perfect artistic tool for the joint venture with BucketFeet. He created what you see above, called “Skullz,” using the touch pen and Sketchbook Pro on the iPad. Wilson applied the Percolator tool to transform his original design into the coffee drip-like scattering of circles that you see on the shoe.

Skullz become available for pre-order on August. You’ll be able to get them on the BucketFeet, but bear in mind that this is intended to be a (very) limited edition design. The shoes will sell for $100.




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