MakerBot is Bringing the Mixtape Back to the Hipsters

It wasn’t that long ago that you poured your heart and soul into a mixtape. Carefully selected songs that expressed how you loved someone or loathed them. Just by how you carefully curated song selections, you could express yourself better than actually talking to that person face to face. Somehow the mixed CD just didn’t feel the same.

Well MakerBot is kicking it old-school and launching The MakerBot Mixtape. For those of you lucky folks who actually have a MakerBot 3D creation machine, no problem. MakerBot will provide you with the tools to make your own custom looking “tape” at home. But let’s say you don’t have this 3D machine, MakerBot was kind enough to produce a selection of molded mixtapes for you to order directly from them. The MakerBot Mixtape comes with 2 GB of storage, 4 hour battery life, play/pause/skip controls, headphone jack, and USB port. So you see this isn’t just a Mixtape, it is also a MP3 player rolled into one.

If you have a MakerBot machine, then there is no limits to your DIY capabilities with the MakerBot Mixtape Kit. All you will need is $25 and a dream and you’ll have a one of a kind mixtape from the inside and the outside.

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