Men Upgrade Software More than Women [INFOGRAPHIC]

Admittedly, it is pretty easy to ignore update prompts, especially when they come so frequently. Still, there’s a reason software upgrades are released, and as this infographic shows, a whole lot of people not only frequently ignore them, but don’t know why they should even bother.

A whole 40 percent of people asked in a survey conducted by Skype admitted that they don’t choose to update software when prompted, with a quarter saying that they need to be prompted twice before they’ll actually do it, presumably because that’s the point when the user realizes that that little pop-up on the bottom of the screen won’t disappear for good otherwise. Another 25 percent of those surveyed also said they didn’t know why they should upgrade in the first place. It’s almost surprising that that number is as low as it is – software companies on the whole don’t do a great job of actually telling people what an upgrade does in an easy-to-understand way.

More often than not, the reasons behind updates are bug fixes and security upgrades, along with the occasional new feature. Ironically, the top reason cited for not upgrading is concern for the security of the computer – maybe due to a fear of pop-ups that has become incorrectly generalized. Most of the people who do choose to upgrade show a clear understanding of purpose – the top two reasons cited for their decisions were for added security and for bug fixes.

Finally, Skype gives us a vague statement that females upgrade their computers less often than men. Why? Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

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