Motorized Electric Roller Skates Offer Thrills at 8 mph

Yes, they are called motorized electric roller skates, but if we’re being honest, these seem dangerously close to being a pair of mini-Segways for your shoes.

The Electric Skates are fastened over your shoes in the same way as ski boots. Each skate has an 80-watt motor that turns the two 6” rubber wheels, propelling the wearer as fast as 8 miles per hour. The skates are controlled by a wireless remote, which can increase speed or bring the skates to a gradual stop. Alternatively, the heel stopper can be used to make more sudden stops. Training wheels can also be affixed to the heel stopper. The skates have a 40-minute battery life, thanks to rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The Electric Skates can support weight up to 180 pounds.

The Segway comparison isn’t over, though. Like the legendary motorized scooter of old, the Electric Skates are grossly overpriced, coming in at $700. Which is, I mean…they aren’t that much better than Heelys.

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